Photoshop Tutorials – Power of the Pen Tool

adobe photoshop tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials | Power of the Pen Tool

Welcome to our first series of adobe photoshop tutorials. Today we’ll uncover the power of the pen tool to design awesome looking curves. Let’s get to it.

Photoshop Tutorials: The Pen Tool

But before we get into this photoshop tutorial, let’s look at what the pen tool is and why it’s used.

In short, the pen tool allows us to work in a defined section in photoshop. It merely allows us to cut something out of the document, make a selection to an image or even change how a particular shape looks.

The pen tool in adobe photoshop basically gives us the ultimate flexibility to change anything we want. In this basic photoshop tutorial, we’ll just focus on placing a shape then changing how it looks.

Here we go.

Starting with the basics

photoshop tutorials pen tool

Create a new document in photoshop. It doesn’t matter what size but this article I’ve used 900px by 400px

Create a new layer (you can do this by pressing CTRL + SHIFT+ N) then grab the paint bucket tool and fill it in white. Now you should have just a blank document 900px by 400px. Not really exciting huh? So let’s pretty it up.

Locate the pen tool

photoshop tutorial pen tool

As you can see from the image, the pen tool is located on the left hand side of the screen. Hold the mouse button done over the icon and you’ll see we have various options like pen tool, freedom pen tool, add anchor point, delete anchor point, convert point tool.

Making a selection

Now we want to make a selection with the pen tool by creating a rectangular shape in the very middle of the image. Note: By holding down the SHIFT key, we keep our selection in a straight line and it won’t look wonky.

To create the shape, hold the shift key down and create the areas of the shape. Like this

photoshop tutorials pen tool

Even if yours looks a tad wonky don’t worry, it will come together nicely.

Add anchor points

Now we need to add an anchor point in the very middle of the image. Remember when we pressed the pen tool and had various options to select? The anchor point selector is right there.

Add the anchor point to the middle like this

photoshop tutorials anchor pointstt

Change the shape

Now that we have our anchor point inserted, we begin to change the shape into any style we want. Using the mouse, click over any of the 3 tiny black boxes on your shape, hold in the mouse button and move anywhere you like.

photoshop tutorials anchor points

The anchor points are so flexible that it allows you rotate it any degree you want. I’ve rotated mine 180 degrees.

Now right click on the black square of your anchor point and press make selection.

You should see the marching ants going around the image.

Fill with colour

You can now fill the image with colour. I’ve done mine in red. It will fill the area that we have defined with the pen tool and anchor points. Your image should now look a little like this.

photoshop tutorial fill colour

Add a finishing touch

Now that that’s done, let’s add a finishing touch to our image by putting a drop shadow. We are now going to include a layer effect to the image. Select the layer effect option (fx) at the

We now have the options to choose how we are going to add effects to our drop shadow.

Adjust the opacity to 89% for our drop shadow.

photoshop tutorials layer style options

And there we have it

By now your image should be coming along nicely. Here’s the final version of mine.

While there is so much more you can do with the pen tool, this photoshop tutorial is just one of many things we can do when we discover the power of the pen tool.

photoshop tutorials

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