Microsoft Excel Training: The Basics

Microsoft Excel Training: The Basics

How well do you know how to use Microsoft Excel? Before understanding the basics of excel, we must first understand what excel is and what it’s used for.

Microsoft excel was first created by the Microsoft corporation in 1987 as a means to replace Lotus Notes spreadsheet applications. Today, excel has become the industry standard for data presentation and management.

Navigating the Microsoft Excel basics

excel training online the basics

In this article, we’ll focus on Microsoft Excel 2007.

An excel workbook is displayed into seven segments. These segments include home, insert, page layout, formulas, data, review and view. By having a basic understanding of what each of these individual tabs mean and what function they perform, you’ll be on a quick path to confidently knowing how to use microsoft excel 2007 the basics.

Let’s look more closely at the individual tabs


microsoft excel training brisbane ipswichThe home tab is the most commonly used function anywhere in the entire workbook. It’s the gateway portal to the most basic and simplistic functions within excel. The home tab consists of seven tabs that allow us to directly manage and present critical information. Here we can perform basic operations to both cut and paste content into cells, place data to clipboards to use at a later time or to even paste formulas into selected cells.


introduction to microsoft excelBy knowing how to use the font functions in Microsoft Excel, we get the opportunity to present data, or text, in a professional and presentable manner. Here we can select from styles such as Calibri, Ariel, Times New Roman and many others as well as adjust the actual size of the font.

The next option we have in the font function is the ability to be able to adjust the look and feel of data or text applying bold, italic and underline, use the highlighter to specify selected data or text and apply colour.


Do you know by pressing CTRL+Shift+F on your keyboard, you can bring up additional font functions such as applying strikethrough, cell protection and all formatting options available in Microsoft Excel 2007.


introduction to microsoft excelThe alignment tab focuses specifically on the ability to position text and data. By default, Microsoft Excel 2007 automatically positions all text and data to align bottom right of a cell. This can easily be changed by the two options beside the default button. You can position anything to top align, and middle align.

Below these options is the ability to position text and data between align left, centre and right. Next to the text alignment is the function to increase or decrease the indent of text or data. This is simply increasing/decreasing the spacing between text and data. And last but not least the ability to wrap text as well as merge and centre. This is a great function if you have lines of text or data that spills over into another cell. It simply adjusts the height or width of the cell to fit the text.


introduction to microsoft excelThe number function consists of 6 sub functions. These are used to format numbers and data into specific ways. We can format numbers to present as a whole, as a fraction, scientific formatting and even currency.

We also have the option to apply multi-currencies such as the pound sterling, Japanese yen and the euro, whilst at the same time having the ability to increase or decrease the decimal range.


introduction to microsoft excel




The next segment in our Microsoft excel online tutorial is the styles function. This function allows us to apply various style functions and formats to data and text. The conditional formatting button allows creating rules, using icons and establishing all sorts of parameters within our spreadsheet or workbook.


introduction to microsoft excelThe insert cells functions have 3 options – insert, delete, format. Insert function allows us to insert rows, cells, columns and even worksheets across the Microsoft excel workbook. Delete, well pretty self-explanatory really and the format option is exactly everything that we can perform if we were to apply the short key of CTRL-F from our keyboards.


introduction to microsoft excelThe editing function comprises of five distinct options at our disposal. This section is perhaps probably the most overlooked section within Microsoft Excel, yet its ability performs all the things we want excel to do. We can insert formulas and functions, clear all text and data from selected cells, applying filtering options and even perform the find and replace function.


You can also read a little more about Microsoft Excel here at the Microsoft Corporation.

Remember, our Microsoft Excel training courses run from the first week of every month so enrol now and grow your skills to become an excel superstar or guru.

microsoft excel training brisbane ipswich

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