Job Search Assistance

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Job Search Assistance Program

Our job search assistance program provides students with the greatest level of support upon successful completion of the course. What good is a new skill if there’s no job to apply them in right?

How the program works

Upon successful completion of any of our courses, we will sit down with you one-on-one to talk about your work experience and you’re career goals. We design an innovative job search strategy that will assist you to select the right tools in looking for a job, develop competitive career documents and enable you to become a key competitor in your chosen field.

We provide ongoing support every step of the way, suggesting different jobs as they become advertised, coaching you through the recruitment process and winning interview tips. There are no costs associated with this service. This is a free service for all job seekers who have the passion to succeed.

Every job seeker who selects a course will be entitled to one free professional resume written by one of our specialists.

What better way to make your mark on the world. Learn a new skill, get a new resume, land a new job.


To be eligible for our job search assistance program you must provide evidence of Commonwealth assistance.

Resume Writing Services

If you’re finding that your current resume isn’t working for you and you’re not getting the results you had hoped for, or deserved, then it’s time to consider a new resume by Flashpoint Training. Learn more about our tailored resume writing packages here. Every resume is inclusive of all revisions and edits and interview coaching is free when invited for interview.

Today’s the day to make your mark on the world.

job search assistance brisbane ipswich