After Course Support

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After Course Support

Flashpoint is 100% committed to ensuring all students are able to successfully apply their newly developed skills and capabilities back into the workplace.

After Course Support for Students

If you have any questions or queries relating to the content of your course and would like support in implementing any of your training in the workplace, Flashpoint is able to assist all students free of charge. You’ll have unlimited access to our trainers either on the phone or online. After course support is available for up to 3 months following completion of the course.

Our Learning Commitment Just For You

All students who are not marked as competent at the end of their professional development course are entitled to undertake the course again free of charge. Our commitment is to ensure that every student is given a fair and reasonable opportunity to succeed. Our trainers will work closely with you to ensure that a successful pass mark can be obtained.

Your Future Strategy Plan

At the end of training, all students are given a “Future Strategy Plan” that allows them to reflect on the learning modules and what they’ve learnt and how these can be implemented in the workplace. For supervisors and managers, a copy of the plan can be provided to help facilitate the transfer of learning back into the workplace.  

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