Is Instructor-Led Training Always Best?

Is Instructor-Led Training Always The Right Solution?

instructor led training

Instructor led training in the workplace has primarily always been the number one method of choice for businesses looking to up skill their employees. But is it always the best approach?

It goes without saying that no two people always learn the same. Instructor-led training isn’t always the best solution when up skilling your employees, but with so little hours in the workday, it can often be the most practical way.

How many business owners actually stop and assess their employee’s learning style? You want your staff to succeed in their careers right? But how many supervisors actually allocate time to understand the individual’s learning style prior to sending them off for training?

Granted there are probably not enough hours in the day to do this, but a small sacrifice now, can often prevent larger issues becoming a problem later in the future. By clearly understanding your employee’s learning styles, you can then select the most appropriate training, thus affording your staff to truly capitalise on their new skills and become more productive in the workplace.

What are the 3 learning style’s that I’m talking about?


These people learn best by listening. They typically best understand new content through instructor-led training or through lectures and information sessions. Most auditory learners have amazing memory ability to remember detail that is provided in a verbal setting.


These people learn best by viewing. They grasp new concepts through a wide range of resources such as images, videos, graphs and maps. Subconsciously they seek to understand new information and skills based on visual examples. Visual learners often excel in instructor led training when content is provided in the above mentioned forms.


These people learn best through a hands-on approach method. They seek to learn by doing, rather than listening or watching. Giving the learner practical real life scenarios to practice on in the workplace can often address an employee skill shortage or small performance issue.

Depending on the training content, what it’s for and why it’s being delivered, instructor-led training may or may not always be the best practical approach.

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